​Diamond Harbour is a place where you would get ample opportunity to just do nothing, relax and enjoy the exquisite beauty of the Ganges. The spectacular view of the sunset is not to be missed, the golden waves will surely mesmerize you. 

​There are few decent hotels with good in-house restaurants. Among those Sagarika Tourist Lodge (a hotel by West Bengal Tourism) and Punyalakshmi are well known. We visited Diamond Harbour a couple of times, and most of the time we ended up having our lunch in Sagarika. If you are a fishetarian you must try their Fish Finger, Shorshe Hilsa, Bhapa Hilsa etc. You may also go for having lunch at road-side stalls.

Diamond Harbour used to be a stronghold of Portuguese pirates. The ruins of the fort of Chingrikhali (locally known as Purano Kella) can still be seen. It is believed to be linked with the Portuguese but some opine that the East India Company built it before they could establish themselves in Kolkata. There is an old lighthouse nearby. At present there are no piers or jetties at this location, except for the ruins of a fort. If you are a bit adventurous and is interested sailing across the river, you can take the Diamond Harbour to Kukrahati launch ride. The  tickets can be bought from the counter there. We took the morning ride and it was awesome. There river here is wide enough to give a feel of the Bay. ​

​Unlike other tourist spots, except the river, there are few places of attractions. We took ToTo (local mode of travelling) which took us to the fort, light house, picnic spot and fish market. In case you have a craving towards street shopping you can go for the small souvenirs made of bamboo and palm leaves. Shop from the locals but don't forget to bargain. While shopping if you are thirsty, no need to look for colas or other soft drinks. Nature has kept it's mineral rich natural drink for you. Sweet coconut water along with tender coconut is there to quench your thirst. Also the price is cheap.​

Diamond Harbour - A weekend destination from Kolkata

Diamond Harbour - in front of Sagarika

Rabindra Statue in a park 


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let's travel and explore..

Diamond Harbour is a small town located on the eastern banks of the river Hooghly. Here the river meets the Bay of Bengal. This popular weekend tourist spot is around 54 KM from Kolkata and is easily accessible by road and train. If you are travelling by car from Kolkata and are not that comfortable with the short-cut roads, it's better to take the Diamond Harbour road via Joka and Amtala. Though traffic on this route is a bit thick, it's better to take this rather than getting messed up with the roads. 

This place is a treat to the Hilsa lovers as one would get good quality fresh Hilsa, lobsters etc here at a cheap rate. So to the fish loving Bengali's, who don't mind to drive a bit more in quest of good fishes, this place is not only a weekend tourist destination but also a weekend fish market.

Considering the hot and humid weather of Kolkata, as per me the best time to visit Diamond Harbour is from Jul-Feb. Though it rains in Jul-Sep, it's the best time if you want to grab Hilsa from there. Oct to Feb is comparatively dry and best for outings.