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Both Deshapriya & Bagbazar are well-known pujas of South and North Kolkata respectively. But what about the not so famous league? Now let me take you though few of those.

At present most of the Durga Pujas are focusing on different themes, where the ingredients of pandals range from comb to candies. The same effect is there on the idols. In spite of so many changes, few things which remain constant are 1. Crowd, 2. Feelings and 3. Food. Any celebration without food is not possible. So whenever we think of Durga Puja, the top 3 things which come to our mind are pandal hopping, unlimited street foods and colorful dresses. No concerns for calorie intake, hygiene, oil; what matters is only taste.

World's Largest Durga Idol(Biswer sab theke boro Durga)- Deshapriya Park, 2015

Loads of fun, exhausting pandal hopping, calorie gain like insane finally got checked. It's Dussera (Bijoya Dashami); it's the time to say good by to goddess Durga so that she can go back to her family and happily visit us again next year. We worship Durga as Bengali mother/daughter. So we can't let our daughter go like that, she should take some good memories with her and be equally eager for the next year. So we greet her with sweets, paan (beetle leaf) and sindoor(vermilion). After which her idol is immersed in holy Ganges with full faith and devotion.

So to end on a sweet note...Subho Bijoya to all my readers

Add on..without which Puja celebration is incomplete

Mughlai Paratha !!

Puchka !! (Golgappa in Delhi, Panipuri in Mumbai)

In our festivals specially, in Durga Puja and Kali Puja, along with beautiful pandals, what makes us dumbstruck year after year is the stunning light works. It's very difficult to capture the lighting properly, when you have a mob of thousands around you. But luckily I manage to click one though the person next to me shouted at me for making him wait of few seconds! 

Durga Puja...The Celebration of being Bengali

Baghbazar Sarbojanin Durgotsav, the oldest sarbojanin durga puja of West Bengal

let's travel and explore..

A festival of Joy, a celebration of color, a carnival of food; Durga Puja, a triumph of true Bengali madness is the most awaited period of the year for we Bengalis. It hardly matters whether you are in Kolkata, or in some other city, or state of India or even abroad because this is something which connects all of us even though we are miles apart from each other. 

Though my website is focused on my travel experience, this time I felt like challenging my own rules and share some flavor of this year's Durga puja with you all.

I am a lazy head who always try to avoid the crowd of millions of Bengali pandal hoppers who gets sore feet after these 4 days.But after spending 2 years in NCR, this year I am feeling like do some sort of hopping so that I can share some moments with my beloved readers.

Today, Oct 18, 2015, it's Panchami and my puja started with this magnificent idol of Devi Durga, the Largest Durga Idol (88 feet) of Deshapriya Park's Durga Puja. 

‚ÄčI am fortunate enough to visit the puja in the 1st half of the day.Because from that day only, due to unmanagable crowd of lacks of people, the pandal got closed for public visit and Kolkata Police covered the Durga Idol.  


In Puja...petpuja is over; now need some more excitement. So where ever there is a park adjacent to the puja pandals, we may expect a fair. The rides may be too insignificant and un-sofisticated compared to the theme parks, but even today they create excitement among us.

Top Left: Belgachia Sadharan Tala Park 

Top: Gathering of thousands of devotees in the Tala Park's Pandal.

Left: A puja and beautification of the pandal in our locality