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About us...

Sharing is something which all of us are doing, daily may be in the form of gyans to friends and family, comments in blogs, twitter or status and picture updates in FB. So we thought why not sharing our travel experience with everyone!

Hello everyone, this is  Sarmistha. My husband and I are the tiny creatures of the big corporates who strive to manage some time out for long vacations. So whenever we get some scope, may be a extended holiday or a weekend we plan trips.

At present we put up in NCR so the primary focus of our travel is Northern India, but since we are from Kolkata we would try to capture some places in Eastern zone as well.

Among sea beaches, mountains, deserts and forests we are a bit biased with the mighty Himalayas. Its serene beauty and tranquility gives the most awaited peace which rejuvenates us.

Apart from travelling, we are passionate about capturing the travel memories in lenses.

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