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The Ffort is a nice property maintained by the Ambuja Neotia. Originally it was a British Fort with two hundred years of rich heritage. The place is a perfect blend of  heritage with modern luxuries. No doubt it's costly. All the rooms costs Rs 7000+ ! The Ffort, Ganga Kutir and Anaya Kutir are in the same premises. There are other budget hotels also nearby however, those are not available over net.

Couple of things which I found good about this property are the restaurant Sonar Tori where you will get to taste authentic Bengali cuisine, the river cruise, and the well maintained rooms and swimming pools.

The Raichak bus stand and the ferry ghat is only a kilometer away from the Ffort. So if you want to go for a river cruise with the locals, you may try the to and fro ferry ride to Kukrahati. There are a couple of small food joints outside the premises. If you have faced a pinch in your pocket after seeing the price of the mineral water bottle (Rs 150!+tax) on the hotel's menu, you can get it from here at the MRP.

The check in time of the resort is 6PM, so on Sunday day we did nothing expect relaxing. Next day after breakfast we took a stroll around the property, along the river side and spent time in the pool. We also went to the bus stop and the ferry ghat. Though we had a nice and relaxing weekend trip as a traveler I would like to point out the following:

1. Get your bottles from outside
2. The quantity of foods served do not go with the price they charge
3. Though the rooms are good and well maintained sometimes the room rate might make to think if it's worth.

A small weekend trip is always a refreshing treat to our mundane life. It becomes more exciting if it's completely unplanned. People who are from Kolkata or from southern part of West Bengal are familiar with Raichak but for the people who are from other locations I would like to mention that Raichak is a spot near the confluence of river Ganges and Bay of Bengal. It is good for a weekend trip or day outing where you can spend time by the side of the Ganges, take boat rides and relax, much away from the bustling Kolkata.

Me and my husband were having a good fight over morning tea as our planned weekend trip got cancelled and we were wondering on what to do on our Holi weekend. After trying a lot of options suddenly we got a booking in Fort Raichak. Since it was a holiday no one was there in their booking office to confirm our booking so based on the online receipt only we packed our backpack. From Kolkata there is regular non AC bus service to Raichak. But it was too late for us to look for the bus and get a ticket. Since it was a one day trip we booked an Ola outstation cab. This was the 1st mistake we did. In future we would think twice before booking a Ola outstation. Our driver left us at Raichak and returned back to Kolkata as he was not comfortable with an overnight stay. So if you ever book an outstation trip get things clear before the trip only.